Goblin is Not Happy

So, today Hobbit left to go back to his parents over summer. His dad brought my computer up from home. Before I left, I’d ordered a new graphics card, as my old one was dying. The new graphics card seems to be dead. That, or another part of my computer is playing up.

This could take some fixing. It will almost certainly end in ordering a new part – if I’m lucky, it’ll be the new graphics card, and I’ll get one under warranty. If not, I’ll probably end up having to buy something.

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Hobbit here. I’m moving out of my 2nd year University accommodation tomorrow and I’m bloody well not going to clean up after the other lazy fuckers who I have shard the flat with. The cunt who took over the lounge for the entire year has managed to almost single handedly turn the living room and kitchen into a complete shit hole. I’m proud to say I wont be cleaning any of that stuff up. Here are some fun pictures that show the lovely mess he will be dealing with. I hope he has plenty of fun with it.

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Is this 1995?

What the fuck is this shit. I’m updating my blackberry so that I can put some music and podcasts on it and after it taking 20 odd minutes to do some fiddly stuff with updating applications the software gives me the following message..

20 minutes later and its barely over halfway.

So far today I have wasted a little over an hour of my precious time with this shitty bloatware. 250MB download for the software alone, then another 15 minutes installing this shit (yes it really does take that long). What the fuck RIM? Is this 1995? Does this shit really need to be so slow. For fucks sake. Apple would never let an update take this long. Although thats not to say I endorse the overpriced garbage that is Apple products.

Mood : Pissed off. Fuck you BlackBerry.

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Just got back from subway with the Goblin. We are now what you might call regulars there. The guy serving me knew me order to the minute detail, same with the Goblin. How very amusing. Oh and there wasnt any Italian Herbs and Cheese style bread for Goblin so I told the man to give him wheat. Goblin was not amused but then when he tried it he said it was actually rather nice. How odd.

Nom nom nom…

Oh and say hello to google. We are now in their search engine and all that malarky. How nice.

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Hobbit’s new netbook and World of Netbookcraft

Well hello there chaps.

In a previous post I mentioned that my computer has broken beyond repair and that its going to take a while to get a new one sorted. This much is true. What I also said was that there wouldnt be another world of netbookcraft post because the netbook that I was using at the time could barely cope with wordpress in 1024×768 let alone playing WoW. Add to that the fact that it is running a very odd linux distribution and you have a recipie for fuck all nice stuff happening on that particular system. So far so good, everything holds true.

However, my situation has changed slightly and after beating Goblin over the head with a large stick I forced him to swap netbooks so that he has the fairly old eeebuntu one and I have my acer aspire one. This situation change is most welcome. I can now play WoW to a fairly decent degree (which I will talk about more later) and most importantly I can run stuff on my original monitor in 1680×1050. Browsing in this sort of resolution was just a dream a few days ago, now it is a reality and a most welcome one at that.

Here is my current setup. On the right is the netbook with the various leads and stuff going out of it. Thats right, I’m truly spoiling my precious little netbook with a huge monitor and Razer keyboard and mouse. How delightful. Also, phone camera is shit.

So… World of Netbookcraft – Hobbit Edition

Setup & Technical Stuff

I’m running wow in a similar setup to the Goblin. The only real performance change I made was managing to get GMA booster working. With GMA booster I was able to increase the graphics card (Intel GMA 445 for those of you interested) from 160 Mhz to 400Mhz. The bottleneck for the system is most likely the ram which is a depressingly low 512mb. For a bit of comparison I will compare the system specs to the original system requirements for WoW.

Clearly the netbook more than meets the original requirements for wow. But fair enough really, those requirements are from many many years ago.

“I also sold him a computer stating that it had twice the amount of megatron as other available systems.”

(Get GMA hereMegatrons?)

Right, so the netbook has decent enough specs for WoW. This much we have already established. Over the next few posts I’m going to be testing the netbook setup in instances, battlegrounds and even its performance during questing. Ontop of that I will be testing out a few addons to see how much of an impact they have on frame rates.

A small preview

As a small preview for the next few posts here is a screenshot of my current UI and one of me doing surprisingly well in a battleground considering that I was only lvl 61 in the 60-70 battleground range and averaged 10-20 fps whilst playing in EotS.

Oh look its my UI

Some of the people in this battleground should be ashamed of themselves.

Thats all for now. I will post the various more detailed posts about world of netbookcraft later today or tomorrow. As a final thing for this post here is a picture of Goblin doing a stupid post on skype.

Goblin here. Hobbit forgot to wipe the internet history when he gave me back my netbook. I can now reveal his top three fetishes, in ascending order. At #3, we have “Woman is naked, man wearing clown costume”. In second place we have sexually suggestive door-knockers, and coming first (har har) is women posing suggestively on speedboats with their faces made all wobbly by the wind.

Stuff    Original Requirements    Netbook
Processor    Intel Pentium III 800 Mhz    Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz
RAM    512 MB    512 MB
Hard Drive    6GB free space    120gb HDD
Graphics Card    Nvidia Geforce 2 32 MB 3D Graphics with Hardware Transform and Lighting    Intel GMA 445 400 Mhz
Network    56k or better    University Fiber Optic
Input    Two-button scroll-wheel mouse    Razer Tarantula & Razer Lachesis

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Goblin’s Livejournal – Not much

Last few days have been fairly relaxed. It’s still a bit too warm. Barbecue/picnic yesterday, barbecue tonight. Just ordered Gormenghast.

Nothing world-changing, but all’s well with the world.

The ad to the right of this, as I type, is apparently for a clothing collection. However, it’s using the same woman three times wearing different outfits – from the bust up. And uses fade-y effects. So all you can see is the straps at the top of her shoulders. Aside from that it may as well be an advert for hair-care, as that’s what shows most. Silly ad! It advertises a limited collection so limited they didn’t have enough for the model.

Yes, things are good

Note from Hobbit

Stop being a lazy bastard Goblin and update this stuff yourself. Or have you forgotten your password again?

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Welcome to the dark ages.

Not a very good week for me I’m afraid.

Well, the most cataclysmic event in my week has been my computer breaking in a slow and distressing manner over the past few days. It has been a little like watching a beached whale slowly die whilst trying my hardest to save the old brute.

When I first encountered problems we thought it was a hard drive problem. So far as we could originally tell the old hard drive was slowly dying with both my windows and xp installs crashing on/some time after the OS loads with majority of crashes being where all forms of input stop working and the screen freezes (as opposed to the normal blue screen crashes). Well, this was not the greatest possible problem I concluded. Goblin has a spare hard drive and after installing it everything was back to working again without any of the crashing problems we had on the old one. Fun times!

All seemed to be going well and I refrained from ordering my own new hard drive for a few days to give the computer some stability testing time just to double check that the real problem was the hard drive. Oh thank god that I didnt spend £100 on a new hard drive when after waiting a few days the crash problem we had returned with a vengance. In short the computer is now crashing virtually immediatly on loading the OS with my primary graphics card installed. With my spare one and the onboard card it crashes before the OS even loads. Frankly this is looking very much like the death calls of a very old computer (most parts being 2-3 years old). Its getting to the stage where I’m going to have to make some tough choices. Option one is to replace a few parts (mobo is top of the culprit list) and see what progress I can make. Option two is to pack it all in, accept the fact that the computer is old and probably getting to the state where its simply worth replacing the entire thing.

Neither option is looking particularly fun.

At the moment I’m using Goblin’s netbook (as he is using mine for WoW) and its not going too badly. I have plugged in my 22″ monitor, my Razer Tarantula and Lachesis and I’m basically using it like a normal computer, no shitty touchpad and small screen for me! So its not too bad really. Its nice and quiet, it does all the basic internet stuff that I need. I can keep up to date with my podcasts, hell, it even runs spotify in wine. So life really isnt all that bad. However there are a few problems which I’m currently working my way through to try to make things a bit easier for me.

Thats right, its not very big is it.

List of current netbook problems and potential solutions

1) Blog related issues. Right, wordpress was never really designed to work properly on a netbook me thinks. The old site design (Bueno) is gone. Probably forever. After seeing what it did to people browsing it in anything lower than 1680 x 1050 I have concluded that it falls under the category of eye rape. Considering that a majority of people do not browse in very high  resolution I think this change is a welcome one.

The new theme is a much more reasonable one. Overall its alot more streamlined and whilst stuff like featured articles is gone the overall contrast and readability has been improved and the general organisation remains the same. Marking this as problem solved but might come back to this in the future to see what other options are available for making the site look and work a bit better.

2) Internet related problems. There is something wrong with the way that the proxy settings on this netbook are set up. Everything looks fine at first glance but there are a few under the bonnet problems. One is that I cant figure out how to setup divx. Iplayer is also not working at the moment (getting a “content not working” error) and after attempting to install opera (which I considered might solve the browser issues as the current firefox version might be an old one) I have come across the problems with the software install and update services. Will get Goblin to have a peek at this but at the moment these issues are not majorly problematic, just annoying.

3) The final problem is with writing posts in wordress. The backspace key has a tendency to lag quite a bit which can be rather annoying. Using my razer keyboard so doubt that the problem is there. It might just be the crappy browser being problematic again. Oh well, another small problem to my list.

Here is a screenshot of the UI on the netbook, its actually not that bad. Generally stuff is working pretty well on it. Spotify is working like a dream so thats a major plus. Will make a post later with a few nice playlists in it. Generally wordpress is working okay. Aside from the backspace key lag its totally possible to write on this hardware. Browsing the internet and generally watching films is also fine. They need to be downloaded first (streaming is a big no-no with this sort of processor) but aside from that its all fairly decent. Audio quality is of course decent as well. So for a netbook its doing fairly well.

So will there be another World of Netbookcraft?

Unfortunatly WoW is completely out of the question on this machine. Not only is it running linux but its also on a SSD hard drive of about 12gb. The only way it really functions as a proper computer is with an extra 12gb additional SD memory card and 8gb usb memory. So I couldnt even install WoW even if I wanted to try. Add to that the processor which is a measly 900mhz and you can see the problems. Goblin is using my netbook which is a intel Atom processor with fairly decent hard drive and ram. Its a pretty big difference between the two in terms of hardware.

So for the time being its all a bit boring. I cant really play WoW at all, doing virtually any task on this current setup is long winded if possible at all. But at least I have Iain Lee’s podcats archive to cheer me up!

Oh and if you havent heard of Iain Lee then go to his site on Absolute Radio for much fun. He does a radio show and all that malarky and has some right nutters call up and harass him.

Clicky here for Iain Lee

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